RCDA: Architecting as a Risk- and Cost Management Discipline

Eltjo Poort, Hans van Vliet, Journal of Systems and Software, May 2012

We propose to view architecting as a risk- and cost management discipline. This point of view helps architects identify the key concerns to address in their decision making, by providing a simple, relatively objective way to assess architectural significance. It also helps business stakeholders to align the architect’s activities and results with their own goals. We examine the consequences of this point of view on the architecture process. The point of view is the basis of RCDA, the Risk- and Cost Driven Architecture approach. So far, more than 150 architects have received RCDA training. For a majority of the trainees, RCDA has a significant positive impact on their architecting work. This is an extended version of the WICSA 2011 paper “Architecting as a Risk- and Cost Management Discipline“.

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PDF at VU University

This paper appears as chapter 9 in Improving Solution Architecting Practices

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