Resolving Requirement Conflicts through Non-Functional Decomposition

Eltjo Poort, Peter H.N. De With, 4th Working IEEE / IFIP Conference on Software Architecture (WICSA 2004), 12-15 June 2004, Oslo, Norway.

A lack of insight into the relationship between (non-) functional requirements and architectural solutions often leads to problems in real life projects. This paper presents a model that concentrates on the mapping of non-functional requirements onto functional requirements for architecture design. We build a framework that both provides a model and a repeatable method to transform conflicting requirements into a system decomposition. This paper presents the framework, and discusses two cases onto which the method is applied. In one case, the method is successfully used to reconstruct the high-level structure of a system from its requirements. The second case is one in which the method was actually used to create a system design fitting the stakeholders’ needs, and that is reproducible from its requirements.

This paper appears as Chapter 2 in Improving Solution Architecture Practices.

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